The exodus of Hindus from the areas of religious fanatics in Delhi continues, even after two years of riots

Hindus are still scared due to the anti-Hindu riots in February 2020

Editorial Comments

  • If the condition of Hindus in the country’s capital is so pathetic, then what will be the condition of Hindus in other parts of the country; it is better not to think about it.
  • This plight of Hindus, in Hindu majority India is shameful for all 100 crore Hindus. A question arises here, in Delhi, who rules, the Government or the religious fanatics ?
  • Note that congressmen, leftists, communists, progressive Hindus, who are supporting the religious fanatics’ Hijab Issue, do not utter a word about this terrible condition of Hindus.
  • Why do those who accuse Hindus of refusing to rent out houses to the religious fanatics in Hindu dominated areas, not talk about this insensitive and immoral behaviour of the fundamentalists ?
  • It is clear from the plight of Hindus that there is no one to protect Hindus. If Hindus want a rule where they will feel safe, then they must establish a Hindu Rashtra.

New Delhi – In February 2020, fundamentalists rebelled in Delhi to protest against the CAA and the NPR Act. 53 persons were killed and more than 700 injured in the riots in the areas dominated by religious fanatics. Even after two years, the wounds of the atrocities are fresh on the minds of the Hindus living in those areas and are still terrified. They are still migrating from these areas.

Victim Hindu families, intending to get Police help, organised a public meeting with the Police. Sanjay Sen, Deputy Commissioner of Police, North Delhi was invited to the meeting. At the meeting, the Hindu families of the victims explained the reasons they were compelled to migrate. DCP Sen assured Hindus that an officer has been appointed to solve their problem. The issue is being discussed with the people of the other community. (The Police should clarify who the other community is. – Editor)

Regarding the riots that took place two years ago, the Delhi High Court had said that these riots did not happen suddenly, but they were due to a pre-planned conspiracy.

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