14 cases of the terrorist attacks in Uttar Pradesh withdrawn by the then SP Govt !  

Editorial comments

  • This is the socialist party protecting the Jihadi terrorists ! The current ruling BJP Government should investigate the reason for withdrawing the cases ! 
  • Such an anti-national party must be banned as it is a threat to democracy ! 

New Delhi – In 2013, under the rule of the Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh, 14 cases concerned with terrorist attacks in 7 districts were withdrawn. The Court refused to withdraw some cases back. In this matter, the accused were declared guilty and were punished for up to 20 years. BJP has accused the Samajwadi Party of showing sympathy to the terrorists.

In the cases withdrawn by the Samajwadi Party Government, 6 were from Lucknow, 3 from Kanpur and similarly one case from each of Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Bijnor, Rampur and Barabanki. Surprisingly, the case in Varanasi which was taken back on 5th March 2013, was connected with the bomb blast at Sankatmochan temple and railway station on 7th March 2006

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