Navaratnas : A blend of beauty and spiritual benefits

Research conducted under the guidance of Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale (Founder of MAV)

The only permanent way is to perform spiritual practice as per the universal principles and obtain the Guru’s grace !

The Sanskrut word ‘Navaratna’ denotes a sacred combination of the nine precious gemstones. In Vedic Astrology, they are associated with the nine major grahas of the solar system, also called the ‘Navagrahas’. The word ‘Graha’, as used in Astrology, goes beyond the usual English equivalent ‘Planet’ and describes the ability of celestial events to either influence or predict occurrences on the earth.

Navaratnas are known for their beauty and rarity, especially in the gemstone and jewellery industry. Apart from Hinduism, they find a mention in other cultures such as Jainism and Buddhism. A particular order of Navaratnas is officially regarded as the national and royal symbol of the king of Thailand. In this article, we will share some less known and often overlooked spiritual aspects of Navaratnas.

1. Astrological aspects of Navagrahas

According to the science of Astrology, the Navagrahas in our solar system affect the earth and the people living on it. Every graha emits positive as well as distressing vibrations in varying proportions. For example, the graha Ravi (Sun) emits 98 per cent positive energy, while only 2 per cent is distressing.

Similarly, the graha Guru (Jupiter) and Chandra (Moon) emit 90 per cent and 80 per cent positive energy respectively. The least positive energy is emitted by the graha Rahu (2 per cent).

Depending on the type of subtle energy emitted by the Navagrahas, it has a positive or negative effect on man, thus leading to happiness or distress respectively. If a person is suffering from some dosha(s) (Malefic position of a graha(s) in the horoscope), the distressing vibrations from the graha(s) reach the person and give him distress. On the other hand, if a graha graces a person, the person is blessed with the positive vibrations of the graha and his distress reduces.

2. Navagraha worship

Since ancient times, it has been customary in India to worship the Navagrahas in various forms so as to appease them thus reducing their negative effect on man. When a person suffering from a dosha in his horoscope wears the appropriate Navaratna, it attracts the positive subtle energy emitted by that graha. Hence, the person benefits from that energy and his distress reduces. However, the benefit varies depending on various factors explained ahead.

2A. Benefit as per the type of worship

Navagraha worship such as chanting the Name of the Deity associated with the graha, reciting mantras, shlokas or stotras and performing Yajnas or other kinds of worship to appease the Navagrahas impart benefits in various proportions. For example, chanting the Name of the Deity associated with the graha provides 70 per cent benefit to the person; while, performing Yajnas, reciting mantras and wearing the Yantra associated with the graha provide 60, 50 and 40 per cent benefit respectively.

2B. Benefit as per the various levels : Benefits obtained from Navagraha worship also vary as per the various levels in a person. For example, the maximum benefit obtained by a person at the mind and spiritual levels is 30 per cent. At the physical and intellectual levels, the benefit obtained from Navagraha worship is 20 per cent.

2C. Benefit as per the times : It is interesting to note that the benefits obtained from Navagraha worship also vary as per the times. For example, in the Satyayug, it was 90-100 per cent. The benefit slowly declined with the passing eras. In the current era (Kaliyug), the maximum benefit is only 30 per cent. Hence, in Kaliyug, instead of worshipping the Navagrahas, it is spiritually more beneficial to worship the higher-level Deities who rule the Navagrahas.

3. Science underlying spiritual benefits from Navaratnas

3A. The spiritual benefits obtained from wearing a Navaratna depend primarily on its ability to attract and emit the Principle of the graha associated with it.

3B. When a person suffers from the malefic position of a distressing graha (known as a Paap-graha) like Shani, Rahu or Ketu in his horoscope, astrologers advise wearing the Navaratna associated with that graha. As mentioned earlier, upon wearing that Navaratna, subtle positive energy from that graha is attracted to the wearer. Also, the distressing energy emitting from the wearer is reduced. As a result, the distress resulting from the malefic position at the physical, psychological, intellectual and spiritual levels reduces.

3C. Navaratnas associated with the Paap-grahas (Blue sapphire, Hessonite and Cat’s eye) are Raja-Tama predominant. However, they do not transmit Raja-Tama vibrations into the wearer’s body. Also, they do not attract distressing vibrations from the associated graha.

3D. The ability of the Navaratnas to attract and destroy the distressing vibrations present in the house and the environment is less. This is why, for this purpose, we can keep Yantras of various Deities in the house or in the temple at home, since they have the ability to destroy such distressing vibrations in a higher proportion.

4. Spiritual benefits of wearing Navaratnas

5. Benefits of wearing Navaratnas due to activation of Kundalini system

The Kundalini system provides subtle energy to the physical, mental and spiritual activities of a person. The Navaratnas influence the Kundalini system. Upon wearing ruby, coral, diamond and blue sapphire, the Suryanadi (Sun channel) in the wearer’s Kundalini system gets activated. The wearer benefits since the active Tama component in his / her physical and subtle bodies reduces.

Upon wearing pearl, emerald, hessonite and cat’s eye, the wearer’s Chandranadi (Moon channel) gets activated. The wearer benefits since the active Raja component in his / her physical and subtle bodies reduces. Upon wearing yellow sapphire, the wearer’s Sushumnanadi (Central channel) gets activated. The wearer benefits since the active Sattva component in his / her physical and subtle bodies increases.

6. Spiritual benefits from the Navaratnas as per various forms of jewellery

Navaratnas have been worn embedded in gold and silver jewellery since the ancient times. They have also been considered a symbol of beauty and royalty. However, when Navaratnas such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds are worn as necklaces, bracelets, waistbands and rings, they provide spiritual benefits in various proportions.

The body acquires Tejtattva (Radiance) due to these Navaratnas. The rays coming from the Sun, Moon and other grahas are reflected from these Navaratnas with a favourable effect on the wearer. However, the proportion of spiritual benefits obtained from the same Navaratna varies according to where it is worn. This will be clear from the following table.

From the table, we can see that from the spiritual perspective, the Navaratnas provide the most benefit when they are worn embedded in a ring. This is because our hands and feet (motor organs) are associated with the corresponding subtle motor organs. A ring touches the body the most. Hence, when we wear a ring with a Navaratna, it affects the physical as well as the subtle motor organs and establishes the control of the corresponding Navagraha over them. The Navagrahas are predominantly associated with the level of action. Destiny affects a person as per his actions. Upon wearing Navaratnas, the wearer obtains the grace of the Navagrahas. As a result, the destiny of the wearer becomes bearable and the distress and problems in his life reduce. Thoughts of performing good deeds increase in the wearer’s mind and the person becomes sattvik and religious.

Of course, the spiritual benefit obtained from artificially made gemstones is far inferior to that obtained from the natural ones.

7. Fingers on which the Navaratnas should be worn

It is advisable to wear each Navaratna in a specific finger as explained in the following table.

8. Some tips to maximise the spiritual benefits obtained from the Navaratnas

No two people are the same. If one person benefits upon wearing a particular Navaratna, it is not necessary that another person who has similar obstacles in life will also benefit from wearing the same or the same set of Navaratnas. Hence, considering the following points, it is recommended that Navaratnas be worn only after consulting an expert astrologer.

8A. Nature of the graha associated with the Navaratna : Each among the Navagrahas has its own characteristics. Depending on the nature of the graha, the associated Navaratna emits energy associated with that characteristic. Among the Navagrahas, only Chandra (Moon) has a mild nature. Hence, the energy emitted by the associated Navaratna – pearl – is mild. In comparison, all other grahas are aggressive. This is why, aggressive energy is emitted by the other Navaratnas. Therefore, except pearl, it is necessary to consult an astrologer before wearing all other Navaratnas.

8B. Navaratnas associated with friendly and enemy grahas : Wearing a combination of Navaratnas can prove detrimental because there are two groups of grahas – friendly and enemy grahas. The characteristics and energies of the Navaratnas associated with the enemy grahas oppose each other. Hence, wearing one or various Navaratnas at the same time can cause distress or harm at the physical, mental, intellectual, familial, financial, social or spiritual levels.

Even the Navaratnas associated with friendly grahas may not yield expected results or lead to adverse results if worn together. For example, Ravi and Chandra are friendly grahas. But at times, ruby (associated with the graha Ravi) and pearl (associated with the graha Chandra), when worn together can lead to distressing results.

Hence, it is best to avoid wearing Navaratnas associated with friendly and enemy grahas. It is also recommended that all Navaratnas not be worn at the same time. For example, do not wear a ring or pendant with all the Navaratnas together.

8C. Purify jewellery regularly : The spiritual benefits from Navaratnas reduce if the jewellery is tarnished or coated with distressing subtle vibrations from the environment. Hence, it is advisable to regularly cleanse (purify) the Navaratna jewellery physically as well as spiritually.

8D. Wear Navaratna jewellery with bhav (Spiritual emotion) : Navaratnas used in jewellery attract divinity with the assistance of the Five Cosmic Principles and transmit them as per the need of the wearer. However, maximum benefit from the divinity attracted by the jewellery is obtained only if it is worn with the bhav that it is a medium of attracting divinity.

9. Importance of spiritual practice in obtaining the grace of the Navagrahas

Navagrahas provide various experiences at different stages of our lives. Understanding their true signific-ance in our lives helps bring a higher consciousness, thus releasing us from their hold on us. We cannot change the extent of destiny we have to bear and the effect of Kalmahatmya (Significance of a particular time) on us. Hence, wearing Navaratnas solely for their vivid colours and beauty is not much beneficial. Navaratnas provide us with the required spiritual strength to tolerate and face the adverse destiny. However, this is only upto 20 per cent. The rest of it still needs to be undergone. Hence, the only permanent way is to perform sadhana (Spiritual practice) as per the universal principles and obtain the Guru’s grace.

With the Guru’s grace, sadhana improves, thus providing us with the spiritual strength to face destiny as also to obtain the grace of the Navagrahas.

Guide : Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale, Founder of Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay

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