Hindu teacher sentenced to life imprisonment in an alleged blasphemy case in Pakistan

Rs 50,000 fine imposed

Editorial Comments

  • In Pakistan, false accusations are being made against Hindus and they are being sent to jail. They misuse the blasphemy law to harass Hindus living there. Would the BJP Government take cognizance of this issue ?
  • In Pakistan, there is a punishment for blasphemy and in India, no one files a simple complaint when our Deities are insulted. Even if a complaint is made, no crime is reported, if a crime is reported, no action is taken, even if action is taken, punishment is miles away.
  • Realise that there was no action taken on Hindu-hater M F Hussain, who used to draw nude and vulgar pictures of Hindu Deities.

Islamabad (Pakistan) – In the alleged case of blasphemy, a Hindu teacher Nautan Lal was sentenced to life imprisonment in the court at Gotaki, Sindh Province. Court also imposed a fine of Rs 50,000 on the teacher. Nautan Las has been in the prison for the past 2 years. His bail was rejected twice. Nautan Lal was accused of blasphemy in a video shared on social media.

1,415 cases of blasphemy were reported in Pakistan since 1947. 18 Women and 71 men were extra-judicially killed over blasphemy from 1947 to 2021. According to a newspaper named Dawn, this number might be higher as not all cases are reported.

According to a US report, 80% of inmates in Pakistani prisons are accused of blasphemy. Half of these prisoners have been sentenced to death or life imprisonment.