Kashmir issue should be resolved peacefully : China

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan raised the Kashmir issue during his China visit

Editorial comments

  • Even if Pakistan raises the issue of Kashmir on any platform in the world, it should remember that Kashmir belongs to India and will remain so !
  • This advice from China, which has unilaterally seized areas like Tibet, Taiwan, etc., is nothing but hypocrisy.
  •  India should reprimand China for interfering in India’s internal matters.

Beijing (China) – ‘The Kashmir issue is a disputed issue in history, which should be resolved peacefully with the help of UN Charter, Security Council Resolutions, and bilateral agreements. China opposes any unilateral action that could worsen the situation’, China said after Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan raised the Kashmir issue. Imran Khan is currently on a tour of China. He met Chinese President Xi Jinping and  raised the Kashmir issue. The above statement was made by China as a response.

Meanwhile, Xi Jinping said that China supports Pakistan in safeguarding national independence, sovereignty, dignity, and fighting terrorism, and is ready to work hand-in-hand with Pakistan for the development of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the smooth execution of major projects. (It should come as no surprise if China takes control of Pakistan in the future and persecute the Muslims in Pakistan just as the Uyghur Muslims in China – Editor)