Inform the local seekers about obstacles in receiving Sanatan Prabhat by Post and also file your complaint with the local Post Office

Sanatan Prabhat is not only a newspaper, it is the only Periodical that spreads Spirituality and brings about awakening on the Nation & Dharma. Sanatan Prabhat is published in Marathi, Hindi, Kannada and English and is getting a positive response from its readers. Sanatan Prabhat also has to be sent by Post to some readers.

1. Despite sending Sanatan Prabhat regularly by Post, some readers are facing obstacles in getting them : Many readers are facing problems such as not receiving the Periodical or receiving some copies in a bunch. Some readers even enquire from local seekers whether they have posted their copy of Sanatan Prabhat or not. The concerned seekers do post it on time, but it doesn’t reach the readers.

2. Inform the local seekers about the obstacles being faced in receiving Sanatan Prabhat by Post and also file your complaint with the Post Office : If readers are facing obstacles in receiving Sanatan Prabhat by Post, they should inform the local seekers and send a written or Online complaint to the local Post Office.

It is our experience that at times when we give an application to the Post Office about the problems being faced by the readers, the Postal Department does not pay attention to it. However, when the readers complain, the Postal Department gives special importance to the complaint. When lodging a complaint with the Post Office, give a copy to the seeker who distributes Sanatan Prabhat. Please cooperate and help us in our seva of distributing Sanatan Prabhat to our readers on time.

Our humble apologies for the inconvenience caused due to the negligence of the Postal Department. We are trying to find a permanent solution on this. – Editor, Sanatan Prabhat Group of Periodicals

Online complaint can be filed on the following website

Online complaint can be filed by readers and seekers for not receiving Sanatan Prabhat at : Registration.aspx.

In case of any problem while submitting the Online complaint, please contact Mr Rajendra Divekar at Devad Ashram on his mobile number – 8369975384.

Sample of the complaint letter

Name of the subscriber :

Address : (As given to Sanatan Prabhat)

To, The Chief Post Master, _______ (Name of the Post Office), Name of village / town

Subject : Not getting Sanatan Prabhat (Marathi, English, Hindi, Kannada – Weekly, Fortnightly) by Post


I am a regular reader of the Weekly / Fortnightly Sanatan Prabhat. The seekers of the organisation used to deliver this Periodical to my residence. But now, due to some obstacle, this delivery has stopped. This is why I requested the Editor of Sanatan Prabhat to send my issue by Post. I have not received a single copy of Sanatan Prabhat since they started sending it by Post.

So far I was getting this Periodical regularly, but for the past ___ weeks / ___ fortnights, I have not been getting / getting sometimes / getting 3-4 copies of Sanatan Prabhat in a bunch. The other Periodicals reach me on time at my address. There seems to be some problem in receiving Sanatan Prabhat only.

When I contacted the Sanatan Prabhat office regarding this, they informed me that they have posted each copy on time. They have also sent me the receipt as proof of posting.

I do not know the real reason for not receiving Sanatan Prabhat. I humbly request you to take the help of your Vigilance Department and find the reason for the lapse in service and do the needful.

Since Sanatan Prabhat provides spiritual guidance, it helps me a lot in my spiritual practice. If I don’t get it regularly, my spiritual practice gets affected and my subscription amount also goes waste. Hence I request you to kindly ensure timely delivery of Sanatan Prabhat and help me in my spiritual practice and oblige. In anticipation of your positive response.

Yours sincerely,

Phone number : / Mobile number :

(Note : When submitting the letter for the ‘Fortnightly’, delete ‘Weekly’ from the text.)