China heading towards Soviet-style collapse warns China’s foreign advisor

Beijing (China) – China’s foreign policy advisor Jia Qingguo has warned that China could collapse like the USSR.

Jia’s article was published in Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post. In it, he said, unwarranted spending on defence in an unfettered pursuit for “absolute national security” could lead China to a total collapse like the Soviet Union. More harm and fewer benefits can be attained by excessive spending on security. To ignore the nature of security and just blindly overspending on it is making the country insecure rather than secure. To avert the fall of the biggest communist country, ‘The collapse of the USSR’ is one of the major lessons taught in the big schools across China. This is a lesson that the leaders of the ruling Communist Party of China must learn, said Jia.

An article published in Japan’s financial newspaper Nikkei Asia calling Chinese President Xi Jinping’s policies abrupt and dangerous said that Xi Jinping himself is a major threat to his country’s economy. It further said that overconfidence is a threat to China’s development. China is facing an economic downturn and China’s attempts to move ahead of the US are failing.