Iranian female journalist shares a video throwing off her hijab and appeals to other Muslim women to do the same

Editorial comment

Would the so-called feminist leaders, organisations and National Commission for Women give support to this Iranian female journalist ?

Tehran (Iran) – Iranian journalist and activist Masih Alinejad has shunned the rule of hijab imposed on women. In a video shared by Masih on social media, she is seen wearing a hijab for the first few seconds. While wearing the hijab she says, this is what the Islamic Republic, Taliban and ISIS want us to be. However, immediately she is seen throwing off her hijab and says, this is my true self. Then she appeals the Muslim women to do the same.

In her video Masih further said,

If I take off my hijab in Iran, I would be hanged by my hair, kick me out of school, flogged, put in jail, fined, Police will beat me up every day and if I am raped then it would be my fault.

If I remove my hijab then I will not be able to live like a woman in my motherland. In western countries, I was told that if I raise my voice to share my story, I would be held responsible for Islamophobia.

I am a woman from the Middle East, I fear Islamic laws, I am scared of all the brutalities that I have experienced. Phobia is an irrational fear, but my fear and the fear of millions of Islamic women who live under Sharia law is rational, so let us talk.

How many countries do you know where women are sent to jail or beaten up for not wearing hijab ? At least 5 anti-hijab activists are behind the bars. Saba Kord Afshari was just 20-years-old and she was sentenced to 27 years in prison and Yasman was sentenced to 16 years of punishment.

This is the 21st century and we want to live freely without any problems. We want the freedom to criticise any religion without any restrictions.