Half of Europe will be infected with Omicron : WHO

Editorial comment

Western media ridiculed India last year when the 2nd wave of the coronavirus had spread rapidly in the country. Now all of them have shut their mouth when Europe is facing a very grave situation about Omicron. Realise that this is their double standard !

London (UK) – WHO has warned that in the next 6 to 8 weeks half of Europe will be infected with Omicron. A large number of patients in Europe is infected with Omicron. Seven million new cases have been reported across Europe in the first week of 2022. Among the total population of Europe, 1% of citizens are infected every week.

The increase in Omicron infected patients has doubled in the last 2 weeks. Health machinery in many European countries is facing adverse situations. The News published in ‘Europa Press News’ stated that Dr Hans Kluge of WHO had informed in the press conference that those who had been vaccinated could also be infected by Omicron.

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