If Dalits and Muslims come together, they can rule all over India ! : Ghufran Noor, District President, MIM, Aligarh

Editorial comments

  • Since there is a BJP Government in Uttar Pradesh, those who make such statements should be immediately punished and imprisoned !
  • If action is taken against Kalicharan Maharaj, then why such religious fanatic leaders are spared ?
  • Daydreaming fanatics ! Fanatics dare to make such statements only because Hindus are not united and do not hold pride in their Dharma !

Aligarh (UP) – ‘Recently, a Council of Dharma was held at Haridwar. It called for the terminating a particular religion. What was this religion? It was Islam. Under the guise of Hindutva, some terrorists were speaking of breaking the Muslims. In our Islam, killing oneself and others is not allowed, but when the aggressor goes beyond the limit of atrocity, it is allowed to kill him. If Dalits and Muslims come together, they can rule all over India’, MIM’s Aligarh District president Ghufran Noor said in Jamalpur. He was speaking at a conference here.

Ghufran Noor further said, ‘Babur was not wrong. As is the situation now, we should have a ruler like Babur. By the grace of Allah, that day will come soon and there will be a kingdom like Babur. (Why are those people silent, who otherwise create havoc if Hindus proclaim Hindu Rashtra ? – Editor) Even if one or two children are born, it is only Allah who takes care of them’. (If someone is living off hooliganism, smuggling, theft, robbery, etc., then what should it be called ? – Editor)

‘If Muslims do not bear more children, how will they rule India ?’

A video of Ghufran Noor had become viral on social media in December 2021, in which he was heard asking, ‘If Muslims do not give birth to more children, how will our community rule over India ? How will Asaduddin Owaisi (President of MIM) become the Prime Minister ? How will Shaukat Ali (MIM leader) become the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh ? ‘ (It is quite clear what Noor’s mindset is, from the statements he made last month. Now, it is appropriate to take strict action against him and send him to jail for spreading religious hatred ! – Editor)

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