In Maharashtra, only 0.32% of funds given by the Centre was used for Coronavirus pandemic measures.

Editorial comment

Such things are not expected in Maharashtra that suffered a miserable situation in the 2nd wave of coronavirus.  Strict action should be taken against the responsible Administrative officers. The public should know what action would be taken against them.

Mumbai – Press Information Bureau (PIB – Department – reporting news of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting) has said that the funds given to the Maharashtra Government by the Central Government to stop the 3rd wave of coronavirus, has not been spent at all. The total amount of Rs. 1,294 crores were to be allotted to the Maharashtra Government by the Central Government, out of which it gave Rs. 683 crores to Maharashtra Government; however, PIB said in the publicity note that only 0.32% of it was used.

10,860 new coronavirus patients have been registered on 4th January in Mumbai. As a result, the total of coronavirus patients up to 4th January reached 8,18,462.