Pakistan is brainwashing Kashmiri youth and ruining their lives !

The wife of a slain terrorist shows the true face of Pakistan !

Editorial comment

It is not 100% true that Muslim youths fall prey to the brainwashing by Pakistan in the name of Islam, while it is evident that since they have a jihadi mentality, they are easily influenced by Pakistan !

Srinagar (J&K) – Muslim youths in Kashmir are being misled and brainwashed by Pakistani terrorists. Razia Bibi, the wife of a Hizbul Mujahideen militant who was killed by security forces in 2018, has said that the lives of youths are being ruined under the name of Islam. She advised the Kashmiri youth to stay away from such people and not fall prey to their ideologies. ‘The real heaven is in India, not in Pakistan’, she said. Razia Bibi was living in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. From there she has returned to Kashmir.

Razia Bibi further said,

1. Once a terrorist is killed, none of the terrorist organisations takes care of the terrorist’s family, thereby leaving them on their own. (It is equally true that if Pakistan had not disowned her, Razia Bibi would not have returned to India ! This shows that Kashmiri Muslims want all the benefits they get from India and also want the Islamic radicalism of Pakistan ! – Editor)

2. My children are happy due to my decision to come to India from Pakistan. Pakistan does not care about its own citizens. There is no humanity in Pakistan. (Since there is no humanity in Pakistan even after being an Islamic nation, it means that those who promote Islam are the enemies of humanity ! – Editor)

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