Insulting Muhammad Paigambar cannot be the freedom of expression : Russian President Vladimir Putin 

Editorial comment

Putin should say, not only Muhammad Paigambar but insulting any religious places of faith cannot be freedom of expression; because religious fanatics are attacking the religious freedom and sentiments of Sikhs, Christians as well as Hindus. This also should be strongly opposed by the whole world.

Moscow (Russia) – Insulting Muhammad Paigambar cannot be the freedom of expression. Sentiments of those who respect Islam are hurt. We should not violate religious freedom in the name of freedom of art.

Insulting other’s religious faith gives rise to fundamentalism. The incident in Paris is a very good example of its kind, stated Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Press Conference. When ‘Charlie Hebdo’ magazine had published Muhammad Paigambar’s cartoon in 2015 in France, its office was attacked then in which 13 people were killed. Pakistan’s Prime Minister has welcomed this comment by Putin.