Immediately ban religion-based ‘Halal’ certification in secular India !

We are witnessing a growing clamour by Indian Muslims to have every item certified as ‘Halal’ i.e. permissible as per Islam.

Only because the Muslim minority, which is 15% of the population, wants to consume ‘Halal’ meat, it is being forced upon the rest 85% of the people. Now, this ‘Halal’ certification is not restricted to meat, but it has been extended to even food items, cosmetics, medicines, hospitals, housing societies and malls. It includes snacks, sweets, grains, oils, cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, nail polish, lipsticks, etc.

This demand is not limited to private companies, but has also affected Government undertakings such as the Indian Railways.

The most important thing is that the certification is not done by FSSAI but by a Muslim organisation called ‘Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind’. Companies have have to unnecessarily pay the certifying body outrageous sums like Rs 21,500/- for each product.

This ‘Halal economy’ has gained a strong foothold across the world and is currently valued at 2 Trillion Dollars. This is an international conspiracy to create a parallel economy and hold of minority Muslims over the majority !

The Indian Government had earlier refused permission to Islamic Banks based on Sharia; hence, Muslims have devised this new system to collect funds directly based on their religion.