Income Tax Department raids Samajwadi Party leader and industrialist Piyush Jain’s house in Kanpur, UP

Unaccounted money amounting to ₹150 Cr seized

Editorial comment

Were the Income Tax Department and other Government agencies napping until such a large amount of disproportionate wealth was being accumulated ? There will be so many citizens in the country who have amassed disproportionate wealth in this way ! When will action be taken against them ?

Kanpur (UP) – The Income-tax department has raided the house of Piyush Jain, a perfume trader and Samajwadi Party leader, and seized more than ₹150 crore of unaccounted money. Large boxes full of currency notes have been found at Piyush Jain’s house in the Anandpuri area. Piyush Jain is close to Akhilesh Yadav and he had launched ‘Samajwadi Attar’ (Samajwadi Perfume) a few days back.

The Income Tax Department team had brought four machines for counting notes; however, considering the number of notes, more devices were ordered. This amount was so high that till late night, ₹40 crore was calculated by four machines. State Bank officials have also been called in to count the notes. Piyush Jain has about 40 firms. Tax evasion has taken place through these firms.

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