Muslim man offers Namaz on the seat of a running local train in Bengal !

Due to lack of space, some passengers had to travel standing up !

Editorial comment

  • The Railway Administration should take this seriously and take strict action against those involved !
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Mumbai – A video of a Muslim person offering Namaz on a seat that can occupy 3 people at a time in a running suburban train (local) is circulating on social media. It is not yet clear in which city the incident took place. Until now, Muslims have been performing Namaz on the streets, ground, at airports, on railway platforms, and so on. Now they are openly being seen offering Namaz on the seat of the suburban railway.

  1. The video shows the man sitting on a sheet and praying. As the train halted at a station, he continued the namaz instead of offering them the vacant seat. This caused some passengers to have to travel standing up.
  2. When offering namaz, one first needs to stand and then sit on the seat. Standing on a train seat is not allowed. Yet, the person is seen standing on the seat first and then sitting and praying.