Turkey distributing books containing the picture of Muhammad Paigambar causes a ruckus

Istanbul (Turkey) – Turkey’s education ministry has distributed some books containing a picture of Muhammad Paigambar in northern Syria. The distribution has caused a ruckus amongst the furious public in Syria. The books were specially prepared for children. Enraged residents living in Syria burnt these books. They have warned of protests if the books are not taken back.

A picture in this book shows a bearded man wearing a pink sweater and pants. The man bends over and lifts his daughter and tries to board her in the school bus. The title of this page is- ‘Prophet Muhammad with his daughter’. This created the ruckus. In Islam, publishing a picture of Muhammad Paigambar is forbidden.

A few years before, offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine were firebombed for publishing Muhammad Paigambar’s cartoon. 13 were dead in this terrorist attack. Last year, a teacher was killed in France for showcasing this picture.