Opposition to permission granted by the administration for Namaz at Gurugram (Haryana)

Havan performed at the place of namaz

Editorial Comment

Hindus are wondering – How can Government permit namaz at Public places even after the opposition by locals ? How can such permission be granted under the rule of the BJP in Haryana ?

Gurugram  (Haryana) – In recent months, Hindus have been opposing the permission, which allows Friday prayer at Public spaces, granted by the administration. On 26th November in Sector 27,  namaz was to be offered, but Hindus started Havan, so Muslims who came for namaz had to go back. However, after some time, at a distant corner from the place of Havan, 25 people, in the presence of Haji Shehzad, offered namaz. At that time, locals shouted the slogan of Jai Shriram. Hindus informed, “Havan is carried out for the victims of the 26th November 2008 Mumbai attack. Every year, such Havan is carried out, and this year this place has been chosen for Havan.”

Dinesh Thakur, Founder of Jay Bharatmata Vahini, said, “We oppose namaz at public spaces, and that is why we are here. We have already informed our intentions to the administration.”

On the issue of the opposition to namaz, Haji Shehzad said, “The administration has given permission for namaz, and Muslims have been offering namaz for a few years. Why is then an attempt to disturb the environment ?”

Altaf Ahmed of Muslim Akata Manch said, “Namaz has been opposed for the last three months. It violates section 25 of the Constitution, so Government should act against such people.”

No one came to Gurudwara for offering namaz

After the opposition, Gurudwara Committee invited Muslims to Gurudwara for offering namaz.  However, no one turned up for namaz, on 26th November. (Do any mosques allow Hindus or Sikhs to carry out their religious activities ? Then why this one-way secularism ? – Editor) Muslims said that their mosque is nearby. (If the mosque is nearby, why are they offering namaz in Public spaces ? – Editor) Sarkar Ravi Ranjan, who is from Delhi, had gone with his associates in the Gurudwara, and he warned that as per Sikh religion, no one would be allowed to offer namaz in Gurudwara. (Congratulations to Sarkar Ravi Ranjan for abiding by their Dharma. – Editor)