Consumption of cow dung and gomutra purifies mind, body and soul

An MBBS Doctor Manoj Mittal’s claims in a video

Karnal (Haryana) – A Video of Doctor Manoj Mittal eating cow dung has gone viral on social media. In this video, Dr Mittal has claimed that the human mind, body and soul become pure by consuming cow dung and gomutra. Dr Mittal is a paediatrician and runs a large hospital in Karnal. Dr Mittal himself has been eating cow dung for many years. Cow dung contains vitamin B12, and also eating cow dung protects people from radiation, he says.

Dr Mittal said that cow dung contains 28% oxygen, due to which cow dung is consumed to keep the body cool. The radiation emitted from various electronic objects around us continue to affect our body. Cow dung protects our body from it.

Dr Mittal claimed that his mother used to consume cow dung, so had a normal delivery during the birth of his brother and sister. Both were born through natural childbirth. No emergency developed which would have required surgery.

He has also claimed in the video that he has never used an air conditioner or a fan and always sleeps on the floor.