Delhi Court refuses to ban Salman Khurshid’s book

Editorial comment

Hindus feel that the Central Government should ban the anti-Hindu book proactively. During the Congress Party’s rule ‘The Satanic Verses’, a novel by Salman Rushdie was immediately banned on Muslim’s demand. If it was possible for the Congress Government at that time, then applying the same policy for Salaman Khurshid’s book on Hindu’s demand should also be possible.

New Delhi – Delhi’s Patiala House Court has refused to stop the publication and sale of Senior Congress Leader Salman Khurshid’s anti-Hindu book ‘Sunrise Over Ayodhya’.

Hindu Sena had submitted a petition asking for the ban on the book. The Court said the right of expression cannot be barred. The petitioner can campaign against the book and can also publish a refutation in protest against the hurt of feelings.

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