Congress vandalised the statue of Pt. Nathuram Godse in Jamnagar (Gujarat)

Editorial Comment

Is this the Gandhigiri of Congress ? Congress, which day in day out preach Ahimsa (Non-Violence), in reality, has a violent streak; that was proven in the killings of Brahmins in 1948 and Sikhs in 1984 ! It has proved once again !

Statue of Pt. Nathuram Godse vandalised by Congress

Jamnagar (Gujarat) – Congress President Digubha Jadeja and his followers vandalised the statue of Pandit Nathuram Godse installed by Hindu Sena. His followers vandalised the statue by strapping it with a saffron cloth.

Hindu Sena had declared that they would install a statue of Pandit Nathuram Godse. When local officers had not permitted this, they installed it at Hanuman Ashram with sloganeering ‘Nathuram Godse Amar Rahe’ (Long live Nathuram Godse)

Hindu Mahasabha to install Pt. Nathuram Godse Statue in Gwalior

Hindu Mahasabha informed that the soil from Ambala Central Jail, where the British hanged Nathuram Godse and Nana Apte in 1949, will be used for making the statue. Dr Jaiveer Bharadwaj told PTI that the statue would get installed at the Gwalior office of Hindu Mahasabha.