The fourth wave of Coronavirus in Britain and the fifth wave in France

An increase in Covid-19 patients in Germany also

London – Britain, France and Germany are experiencing an increase in Coronavirus patients. Fear has spread among the people of Britain due to the 4th Coronavirus wave and 5th in France. More than 10,000 patients were found in France in two days in succession. In Germany also Coronavirus has created havoc due to 50,000 new patients within 24 hours.

  1. The President of France Emmanuel Macron has warned the people of France saying that senior citizens, 65 years and above have to produce ‘Certificate of Coronavirus preventive Booster Dose’ (third dose of vaccination) before entering a restaurant, cultural programmes, travelling by railway. This rule will be implemented from 15th December.
  2. Britain had removed all the restrictions of Coronavirus in June 2021 and since then the 4th wave of Coronavirus seemed to have started there. The number of patients has increased drastically since October. 51,484 patients were found in Britain on 21st October 2021. This is the highest number so far.
  3. On 11th November, 50,196 new patients were found in Germany. Virologist Christian Drosten has predicted that in the coming days one lakh deaths may occur.