Publicity of Lakhimpur Issue while overlooking the activities of religious fanatics

H.H. (Adv.) Suresh Kulkarni

It is necessary to support our armed forces keeping aside political rivalries so as to protect our Motherland !

1. Farmers deaths at Lakhimpur : Doubt whether it was pre-planned considering the sequence of events

Ashish Mishra, BJP Home (State) Minister Ajay Mishra’s son is accused of running his vehicle over 4 farmers and killing them in the violence that erupted at Lakhimpur during farmers’ agitations and the Supreme Court has asked when is he going to be arrested.

Later, on 9th October night, Ashish Mishra surrendered to the Police; the next day, the Court sent him to judicial custody, leading to a hue and cry by the opposition.

All news channels repeatedly showed the same news while all opposition parties united to condemn the incident. Considering the series of events, one starts doubting if this was a pre-planned affair.

2. It appeared like an agitation not against farmers’ laws, but against the country

Agitations have been going on for the past ten months in New Delhi against the 3 laws passed in connection with the farmers. As a part of these agitations, all entrances to Delhi were blocked. The residents were unnecessarily put to a lot of inconvenience. People who used to travel 2 kms to reach home from their offices earlier, have to travel 20 kms now. These so-called agitations have been criticised once by the Supreme Court.

The farmers’ leaders were called for discussions with the committee set up to sort out issues related to these Bills, but the leaders didn’t go for discussions. Thus, they didn’t show any respect for the Supreme Court; moreover, in a way this amounted to contempt of the Court.

In this context, we should recall the farmers’ agitations staged at Bardoli by Sardar Patel against the British rule. Sardar Patel had staged these agitations to light a spark of the fight for freedom in 80% of the farmers. If we compare these two agitations, it is clear that the present agitation is sponsored by Khalistani terrorists.

The opposition is unable to see India becoming a superpower; therefore, they are staging agitations, carrying out violence against the country and Hindus for the past ten months.

3. Lakhimpur issue is given more importance when terrorists have started killing in the country

A nationwide agitation was staged by blocking trains on 18th October to protest against violence in Lakhimpur. On 26th October, ‘Kisan Mahapanchayat’ had been organised at Lakshmanpuri (Lucknow). In the past 8 days, Hindus are being targeted and killed in Jammu-Kashmir.

7 people were killed in 3 days, including a Hindu owner of a popular pharmacy. His family had been staying in Jammu-Kashmir for 80-90 years. In the last Hindu genocide in 1990, millions of Hindus had to leave their Motherland and place of work. At that time too, the pharmacist’s family had not left Kashmir; hence, he was killed now. A sikh school Principal – Supinder Kaur – and a Hindu co-teacher were killed. These 7 innocent Hindus were killed deliberately.

This shows the way demonic fanatics started to take revenge on the ‘minority’ population. Once the US Army left Afghanistan, Jihadi fanatics have waged a covert war against India, and with encouragement from the Taliban, Jammu-Kashmir is witnessing killings.

4. Why doesn’t the opposition, which gave a call of ‘Bharat bandh’ in the Lakhimpur case, declare such ‘bandhs’ after soldiers are killed by terrorists ?

In an encounter with terrorists in the Poonch Sector on 11th October, a Nayak Subhedar was killed along with 5 soldiers. In the next 2 days, 2 more Indian soldiers sacrificed their lives. It was an attack challenging India as a superpower. After taking over Afghanistan, the Taliban has started ‘Mission India’ against Hindus and our country; therefore, terrorist attacks have increased.

After the abrogation of Article 370, the process of handing over Hindu lands to Hindus was started and these terrorist attacks are a kind of revenge against this process. India losing Her 7 soldiers is a big loss. Why doesn’t the opposition call for a ‘Bharat bandh’ on this ? Why doesn’t it give a call for stopping railway services ? Why is there no democratic protest against such anti-national incidents ? The reason is simple. This fight is with religious fanatics.

The factions, whose only goal is to appease fanatics for power, cannot utter a word against them. If there had been such protests in the past 75 years after the loss of even one soldier, Kashmir issue would not have existed, nor would have terrorist activities of fanatics !

5. Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) nabbing the son of a fanatic actor, but no one supports the NCB

NCB arrested Shahrukh Khan’s son in Maharashtra in connection with consumption of drugs, which led to a big hue and cry by the religious fanatics. Shahrukh’s supporters, the so-called progressive factions, self-proclaimed historians, news channels and opposition leaders not only condemned the NCB action but they started alleging that the actor’s son had been arrested only because he is a Muslim.

It needs to be noted that the NCB foiled a ‘Rave’ party. Unfortunately, no one seems to be supporting the NCB for taking the right action in arresting a religious fanatic’s son.

6. No one had uttered a word about terrorists holding hostage the daughter of a fanatic Central Home Minister in 1996 !

In 1996, terrorists hijacked an Indian plane and held hostage the daughter of the fanatic Central Home Minister. The terrorists negotiated with the Indian Government and swapped 4 hardcore terrorists – Masood Azhar, Ahmed Zargar, Sheikh Ahmad, and Omar Saeed – who were undergoing rigorous imprisonment in India. All these things are connected with Afghanistan; therefore, they are being discussed now. So, attempts are being made to eliminate Hindus – first by the religious fanatics, then by the British and even under the rulers in the 75 years of Independence. It is also true that no one talks about this.

7. Religious fanatics united when the wrongdoings of religious fanatic Ministers were exposed

In the Maharashtra Assembly elections held in 2019, candidates of 2 Hindu parties were elected with a majority, but they could not form the Government. Entering into wrong company initially created problems. Presently, the Enforcement Directorate has called some corrupt ministers for inquiry. Hence, some of them had to resign; no one strongly supported these Ministers, but many extended support to a religious fanatic Minister in one District.

The representatives of a Hindu party were to go to Kolhapur to oppose this fanatic Minister, but the Police tried to foil their tour. Many religious fanatic representatives from Maharashtra gathered in Kolhapur, came together at a Police station in large numbers, hence, those representatives could not reach Kolhapur.

One cannot support the action of elected representatives, but it has been proved on several occasions that the so-called peace-loving community holds the number one position in crimes.

Whenever the wrongdoings of these religious fanatics are exposed, they unite and try to foil the efforts of the investigating agencies. Hindus need to think about this.

Will these people allow even our security forces to work in case we are attacked by our enemies ? Will the religious fanatics and jihadi forces let Hindus live happily or will the condition of Hindus will be similar to that of their brethren in Kashmir, Assam and Bengal ?

8. It is necessary to support our armed forces keeping aside political rivalries so as to protect our Motherland

India is trying to work towards becoming a superpower. The whole world is also looking at India from this perspective. In such a situation, we should keep aside our party rivalries and fights and support our armed forces !

– H.H. (Advocate) Suresh Kulkarni (Founder Member, Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad and Advocate in Bombay High Court, 17.10.2021)

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