One more jihadi terrorist attack stabbing Police in France !

Attacker raises slogans of ‘Allah-O-Akbar’

3 police  injured

Terrorist injured in Police firing

Editorial comments

  • France has the maximum population of Muslims among the European countries; therefore, incidents of jihadi terrorists’ attacks are also more in that country. Realise that wherever religious fanatics outnumber the other population, they start such activities !
  • Similar incidents are happening again and again in France and the Police are taking stringent action against them. Will our Police take strict action if such things happen in India ?
  • From the slogans raised by the attackers, will the secularists at least now accept that terrorists do have a religion ?

Cannes (France) – Taking the name of Prophet Mohammad and raising slogans of ‘Allah-O-Akbar’ a terrorist stabbed a Policeman with his knife. 3 Policemen got hurt in this attack.

Later, the terrorist attacker was injured in the Police firing. The terrorist has not yet been identified, but he was said to be a 37-year-old man from Algeria. Earlier, i.e. on 23rd April, in a similar incident, one Police officer had died and the attacker was later shot dead by the Police.