I will file another petition in Kolkata High Court for a ban on firecrackers : Filmmaker Roshni Ali

The Kolkata High Court had banned the bursting of firecrackers on the petition of Roshni Ali

Editorial Comments

  • Why do religious fanatics who in the name of the environment take to Court during Hindu festivals remain silent about the pollution caused during their religious festivals ? This reveals their anti-Hindu attitude, when will the Hindus who are promoting secularism realise this ?
  • The people feel that the Government should take action against those who waste the precious time of the Court repeatedly for such reasons.

Kolkata (Bengal) – Filmmaker Roshni Ali has said she will again file a petition in the Kolkata High Court seeking a State ban on the use of firecrackers during Diwali and Mahakali Puja. Earlier, the Kolkata High Court had banned the use of firecrackers in Bengal. The ban was later lifted by the Supreme Court after the verdict was challenged by firecracker manufacturers.

“My fight is not over yet,” Roshni Ali said after the Supreme Court lifted the ban. I will still fight for my right to breathe. This is not just for the environment, but for your personal health. (Similarly, will Roshni Ali file a petition to ban the azaan from loudspeakers on the mosques, saying that noise pollution is caused due to azaan being given to them ? – Editor)