Get help from local clerics to speed up vaccination ! : PM Modi’s appeal to the District Collectors

Editorial comment

The Government should consider seeking the help of Hindu religious leaders not only for vaccination but for every problem and scheme in the country for more and more benefits !

New Delhi – Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday held a review meeting with senior officials of Districts having low Covid vaccination rates, during which, he interacted with the District Magistrates of over 40 Districts. ‘Rumours and confusion among people about the Covid vaccine is a challenge. The solution is to make people more aware. You can also enlist the help of local religious leaders to speed up vaccinations. We also need to pay special attention if the message of the religious leaders reaches the ordinary people or not’, PM appealed during the meeting.

Addressing the District Collectors, PM Modi said, ‘You have to try new innovative ways to increase vaccination in your Districts. If you want to create a different strategy for each village and city in your District, create one too. You can do this by forming a team of 20-25 people depending on the region’.