Nine individuals convicted in the bomb blast case in 2013 in Patliputra (Bihar) during Narendra Modi’s election campaign   

Patna (Bihar) – NIA’s special Court has acquitted Fakruddin, one out of the 10 accused due to lack of evidence in connection with the bomb blast at the Gandhi Maidan here on 27th October 2013 during the public meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 9 were convicted, Umar Siddiqui Azruddin, Ahmed Hussain, Fakruddin, Phiroz Alam (Pappu), Numan Ansari, Iftikhar Alam, Haider Ali (Abdulla, Black Beauty), Mahamad Alam- Pappu Mojibulla Ansari and Imtiaz Ansari (Alam).

They will be sentenced on 1st November. A chargesheet has been registered on 12 including one minor, in this case of the bomb blast. One of them is dead and the minor has been already sentenced by the Court for 3 years. 5 among the convicted are already undergoing the sentence for life in connection with the series of bomb blasts in Bodhgaya.