Iqbal Hossain kept the Quran in a Durga Puja Pandal !


Editorial comments

  • One may wonder if the religious fanatics who attacked Hindus saying that they have insulted the Quran, now attack the person of their own religion who kept the Quran in the Durga Puja Pandal !
  • Such conspiracies are being hatched by religious fanatics to attack Hindus. Keeping this in mind, Hindus need to be vigilant and prevent the attacks on them.

Dhaka (Bangladesh) – Many Hindus were killed by religious fanatics for allegedly insulting the Quran. The person who kept the Quran near the feet of Shri Hanuman’s Idol in Shri Durgadevi Puja Pandal of Nanua Dighir has been identified by the Comilla City Police – 35-year-old Iqbal Hossain. He is being interrogated. He is said to be mentally weak. (Be it India or Bangladesh, realise that when Hindus are attacked the matter is always suppressed by the Police by declaring the concerned person to be mentally weak ! – Editor)

After analysing the CCTV footage from the cameras installed in the Pandal, it was revealed that Iqbal Hossain was involved in the violence. In the CCTV footage obtained by the Police, it is visible that Iqbal is taking a copy of the Quran from the mosque to the Durga Puja Pandal. Later, he is seen approaching Shri Hanuman’s Idol.

Comilla SP Farooq Ahmed said that Iqbal Hossain is absconding. Police have arrested 41 people for 4 incidents in connection with the violence in the City after the alleged insult to Quran. 4 of those detained are Iqbal Hossain’s aides.