China rejected India’s demand to withdraw the Army from Ladakh

China accuses India of unrealistic demand

Editorial comment

To infiltrate the Indian land and then blame India, this bullying of China needs to be tackled by India with a tit for tat reply.

New Delhi – In the military talks held between India and China, on 10th October about the withdrawal of Chinese troops from Ladakh, China disagreed to withdraw its Army. The Chinese Government’s mouthpiece, Global Times, quoting the Chinese Army said that India’s demands were unrealistic.

In the proposal submitted, the Indian Army has claimed that China did not agree to the constructive suggestions put up in the meeting to resolve the matter of the remaining areas of India. Further, China could not even make any farsighted proposals. So, the remaining points could not be discussed in the meeting; but both sides agreed to have discussions and maintain stability.

It was further said in the proposal that, China should accept the approach of bilateral relations. It should have the courtesy to resolve the remaining problems quickly by following a bilateral agreement. (It is ridiculous to have such expectations from China – Editor)