Railways spend around Rs. 1,200 crore every year to clean spit stains caused by passengers on railway coaches and the premises

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This is the result of not disciplining the people in the last 74 years of Independence by all party rulers. It is a disgrace for all Indians.

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New Delhi – Every year, the Indian Railways has to use millions of litres of water to clean the stains caused by the passengers’ spitting habits, as well as for other regular cleanings. A total of Rs 1,200 crore is spent annually on sanitation, especially for the spit of pan masala and tobacco by the passengers on the railway carriages, property, and premises.

Passengers are advised by the administration to use Spittoon to spit in the railway premises (Spittoon is a special type of biodegradable pouch used for spitting)

Editorial Comment

If passengers are undisciplined, will they use spittoon ? It will stop only if along with the spitting facilities provided; strict financial penalties are levied on those who spit anywhere.

Passengers are being advised by the railway administration to give preference to spittoon to prevent infection through sputum and maintain hygiene. The original meaning of ‘spittoon’ is a vessel for spitting, but the spittoon made by the railway administration is a pouch made from a special kind of material. The pouches also contain plant seeds and can be disposed of after use. Railways have installed vending machines at 42 stations for the sale of spittoon pouches. These spittoons will be available for Rs 5 to Rs 10. The pouch can be used 15 to 20 times. The pouch can be disposed of in the soil after full use. These pouches mix completely with the soil. So pollution will not be a problem. Special technology has been used to make ‘spittoon’. Through this, the virus and bacteria in the sputum get stuck in the spittoon and infection is prevented.