If war starts between India and China, India’s defeat is certain : CCP’s mouthpiece blabbers

Editorial Comment

Ravan had the same ego and was destroyed in the end. India needs to get rid of this bloated ego of China by adopting an aggressive stance. China is an inflated balloon, India should prick and burst it.

Beijing (China) – India needs to understand that it is not possible to encroach upon the Chinese border the way it wants to. (Pot calling the kettle black – Editor) If the war erupts, India should be prepared to face defeat, blabbers the Chinese Government’s mouthpiece ‘Global Times’ in its editorial.

The border dispute between India and China is persisting. It is due to the wrong attitude of India during the talks, (China’s usual policy is to have discussions on one hand and to infiltrate its military on the other. India should warn China that if it does not change its attitude, it should be prepared to face dire consequences. – Editor) India’s demands are unrealistic, the article said.