The Taliban Government and International Developments

India should destroy the bases of terrorists even before they infiltrate India !

(Retd.) Brigadier Hemant Mahajan

1. Taliban extends invitations for the swearing-in ceremony to Pakistan, China and Iran who helped them in their war

Afghanistan has become a place of rapidly unfolding events. Pakistan and China had helped the Taliban in their war; therefore, the Taliban has invited Pakistan and China for the swearing-in ceremony. Of course, the Taliban had no alternative but to invite them. These countries helped the Taliban in planning, shared secret information, supplied ammunition and weapons. Moreover, they also provided good satellite images. Afghanistan is a landlocked country; it has to take the help of Iran for petrol and diesel. Therefore, even Iran was invited for the swearing-in ceremony.

2. The topmost leader of Taliban and Afghani religious leader Mullah Mohammad Akhundzada !

Mullah Mohammad Akhundzada is the topmost leader of Taliban. (Recently, media carried news of his murder; but it has not been officially confirmed. – Editor) There are many terrorists in the Taliban Government. They are helping various terrorist organisations such as Al Qaeda and ISIS. Al Qaeda has already said that they are going to start terrorist activities in 30 countries including India. Only the names of Chechnya and Chinese Xinjiang are missing. This is going to be a headache for the whole world.

Mullah Mohammad Akhundzada is not a military leader but a Afghani religious leader. He has no experience of war. He was mainly involved in deciding policies related to religion and terrorism. Other senior leaders were killed so he was promoted as the chief leader. Akhundzada was the Vice-President in the 2001 Taliban Government. He was also one of the founder members of the Taliban. Mullah Umar’s son was the Numero Uno leader at that time and Sirajuddin of the Haqqani Network was second in command. Haqqani is a faction that supports Pakistan; therefore, Akhundzada was a compromise candidate.

The objective in depicting this image is not to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments, but to depict the incident. – Editor

3. Taliban vandalising Gautam Buddha statue to increase their importance at the International level and attempts made to destroy the statue

The Afghanistan Government has constantly tried to kill Talibani leaders. Mullah Akhundzada has also been attacked many times, but he has escaped from the attacks. There was an ancient statue of Buddha in Bamiyan Valley. Akhundzada had ordered the destruction of this statue. There used to be competition among the terrorist organisations in those days. Al Qaeda was getting more publicity; therefore, the Taliban issued a ‘fatwa’ for the destruction of Buddha’s statue to come into limelight. The statue is carved in rocks; it was so strong that it could not be destroyed by the Taliban. Therefore, they bombarded it with artillery and tanks; yet, the statue could not be destroyed. Finally, they drilled holes in the statue with machines and then blasted it. They were finally successful in destroying the statue.

This incident made the whole world turn their attention to the Taliban.

4. Taliban’s Home Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani is a threat to India

The Taliban Government is a big danger for India. Haqqani Network’s Sirajuddin has been made the Home Minister in this Government. Sirajuddin is a puppet in the hands of ISI, Pakistan’s intelligence agency. Haqqani Network has helped Pakistan even earlier to increase terrorist activities in India. Haqqani will, therefore, try to send Taliban terrorists to India. Haqqani also has friendly relations with terrorist groups such as Laskar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad, Al Badr, etc. Jaish-e-Mohammad Chief Maulana Masood went to meet Haqqani about increasing terrorist activities. Many terrorists are ready to infiltrate Kashmir. India will have to be alert.

5. Afghans are displeased with Pakistan

The Taliban Government has been established in Afghanistan. However, the people of Afghanistan have intense displeasure for Pakistan. Thousands of people have come to Kabul.

Anger is spreading even in the northern regions. Thousands of Afghans had to run away due to Pakistan and ISI. Many people have been killed and many injured. Their condition is very bad; women are severely oppressed. Therefore, the local people are demonstrating against Pakistan.

6. Agitations are futile due to the indifference of the USA

Agitations are staged in USA against the Taliban, but nothing will be achieved by agitating; because the USA has left Afghanistan and it doesn’t want to do anything in the matter now. The USA has become an inactive military power; nothing will be gained out of agitations in the USA.

– (Retd.) Brigadier Hemant Mahajan, Pune.


International recognition of the Taliban “at the present juncture is not on the table”, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on 25th September at the United Nations.

Among the Taliban’s promises are ensuring an inclusive Government; respecting human rights, especially for women; and preventing Afghanistan from becoming a haven for terrorists.

But the interim Taliban Government, Lavrov said, fails to reflect ‘The whole gamut of Afghan society – ethno-religious and political forces – so we are engaging in contacts, they are ongoing’.