Priyanka Vadra on a fast for Navratri : Information circulated by Congress

Editorial Comment

Hindus did not give importance to Rahul Gandhi’s temple worship drive during the last elections as Hindus were aware of their hypocrisy. Priyanka Vadra is using the same tactics now in the backdrop of the upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections. Instead of doing this, had Congress tried sincerely for the welfare of Hindus from the beginning, or even if it tries to do so now, then the party would have a favourable time.

New Delhi – Congress General Secretary Priyanka Vadra will fast for Navratri this year. Congress circulated this information through the press, on social media. Vadra is being ridiculed on social media for this.

Ashutosh Jha, an active social media user, tweeted sarcastically that during this fast, will Priyanka Vadra fast or will she be on a fruit diet ? If she is on a fruit diet, which fruit will she eat ? How many fruits will she eat ? Will she cut the fruit or eat it uncut and how often will she chew the fruit ? All this information should also be disclosed by them; as the media is more interested in all this. Questions on this will be asked in the Public Service Commission examination also.