Terrorists barge in a school and kill two Sikh teachers

Two Hindus were killed just two days ago !

Editorial comments

  • Hindus and Sikhs are again targeted in Kashmir as was done in 1989. It shows that the news of 1-2 terrorists being killed in Kashmir valley every day and terrorism coming to an end, is a tall story !
  • Till Pakistan is not destroyed, terrorism in Kashmir would not be eliminated and Hindus and Sikhs would not be able to live safely. This is the fact !
  • Jihadi terrorists target Hindus and Sikhs. Why aren’t the Pro-Pakistani and secularists in India saying anything about it ? Why are those, who were beating their chests about the so-called killings of farmers in Uttar Pradesh, keeping mum on this violence ?

Srinagar (J&K) – Jihadi terrorists entered a school in the Sangam Idgah area in Srinagar, the capital of Jammu-Kashmir, and shot a lady teacher Satinder Kaur and another teacher Deepak Chand. Satinder Kaur was the Head Mistress of the school. It is now learnt that the jihadi terrorists were keeping a watch on these teachers for the last few days.

The eyewitnesses of the incident said that 2-3 armed terrorists entered the school and directly shot Satinder Kaur and Deepak Chand in the head and even wildly opened fire. Everyone present there lay flat on the ground to save themselves. After firing, the 3 terrorists ran away. There is tension in the area after this incident. Police have started a drive to search for the terrorists.

Muslims’ image is being tarnished ! – Jammu-Kashmir’s Director General of Police Dilbag Singh

Editorial comments

  • For the last 33 years, Hindus and Sikhs from Kashmir have seen that jihadi terrorists do have a religion; therefore, the whole world knows who has what kind of image. The truth is that due to such an image, jihadi terrorism has not been eradicated from Kashmir !
  • Does it mean that the Police, who are so concerned about the image of Muslims, don’t feel anything about the killings of Hindus and Sikhs ?     

Jammu-Kashmir’s Director General of Police, Dilbag Singh has stated that Muslims’ image is tarnished through such attacks. (Police talking as if they are the spokesperson of Muslims from Jammu-Kashmir ! Such Police are never likely to do anything for the protection of Hindus and therefore, Hindu Rashtra has to be established ! – Editor) They want to portray that people from Kashmir do not believe in living in harmony and fraternity.