Don’t burst firecrackers on the streets : Actor Aamir Khan appeals through the advertisement of ‘CEAT Tyre’

Editorial Comments

  • Criticism of Aamir Khan on social media; why he is not saying, ‘Don’t offer namaz on the street ?’
  • How is such advice given consistently during Hindu festivals ? Even during Christmas, Christians burst the firecrackers on the streets. Why does no one speak then ? On ‘Bakri Eid’, goats and cows are slaughtered on the streets; why don’t people protest then ?

Mumbai – An advertisement for ‘CEAT Tyre’ by actor Aamir Khan is being aired. Aamir Khan tells a boy, ‘If our team wins, we will burst the firecrackers like pomegranate, twine bomb, and earth wheel; but not on the road. The roads are not for fireworks, but for driving. So we will burst firecrackers, but in the premises of the society, and not on the streets.’ Aamir Khan is being called ‘anti-Hindu’ and the question is asked, ‘Are these roads for namaz?’ It has also called for a boycott of Aamir Khan and CEAT Tyre.

One person wrote on social media that people in the Hindi film industry always target Hindu festivals, yet Hindus watch their films.

Harsh Goenka, the owner of CEAT Tyres, has also been criticised by many. He is called ‘Hindophobic’.

One wrote, “I’m going to change the CEAT tyres of my four-wheeler and put the tyres of another company.” Not only that, he is going to tell other people to do the same.