Pseudo-secularism may destroy India: Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt

Editorial comment

Why don’t the so-called secularists and progressives understand what a bishop can realise ?

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – Secularism is the root of India, but pseudo-secularism can destroy India. Who is getting benefits out of secularism, is a question asked these days, expressed bishop Joseph Kallarangatt of Syro-Malabar Catholic Pala Diocese Church, Kerala in ‘Deepika’, a newspaper related to church matters.  Earlier, Bishop Kallarangatt had also stated that Christian young women of Kerala were falling prey to love jihad and narcotics jihad.

Bishop Joseph Kallarngatt has further stated,  

People, who do not raise their voice against bad things, are in a way encouraging it. It is necessary to think about the prevention of wrong things from happening rather than ignoring them.

Secularism is the base of our Constitution. All religious communities and secularists should learn to live together. All religions deserve respect.