A Maulana from Nepal imprisoned for provoking Muslim youth to trap Hindu girls

Has been living illegally in India for 20 years

Was converting Hindu girls to Islam

Editorial Comments

  • When a Nepali Maulana was illegally living in India for so many years and carrying out anti-Hindu activities, was the Indian Administration sleeping ?
  • Due to such intruders, there has been a threat to the national security of India. It is frustrating that the Government machinery does not take concrete steps to check it.

Ghazipur (Uttar Pradesh) – Fatehpur Police has arrested Maulana Firoze Alam. He is accused of inciting Muslim youths to trap Hindu girls. He used to tell the Muslim youths, lure the girls of other religions (Hindus), in the process earn some money, and also have fun. He is a resident of Nepal and has been living in India illegally for the past 20 years. The members of the mosque themselves had filed a Police complaint against him. He is accused of instigating Muslim youth and converting Hindu girls.

Additional Superintendent of Police Rajesh Kumar said that Firoze Alam, a suspected Nepali national, was living in Fatehpur of Ghazipur District for several years. There he managed to get election identity, Aadhar and PAN cards and also a passport in the year 2016. (Indian administration is full of anti-national people, therefore, infiltrators get such identity cards. Such traitors should be imprisoned for life – Editor) A joint team has investigated it and charges have been filed against him.

Fatehpur mosque committee member Majid Khan said, ‘Maulana Firoze Alam was teaching inappropriate things to Muslim children. A young man had kidnapped a Brahmin girl. The Maulana converted her and got them married. Majid Khan had complained to the Police in this regard but no action was taken. (Stringent action is necessary against the Police who do not take steps against love jihad – Editor)

The Police said that Umar Gautam, who created a conversion web all over the country, had been visiting the Maulana for 10 years. The Police are further investigating this case.