Police permit people to offer Namaz at public places in Gurugram (Haryana)

Criticised on social media

Permission to offer Namaz by compromising with the opposing Hindus

 Editorial comments

  • The administration’s permission is required before doing anything in a public place. If permission has been sought to offer Namaz every Friday, then it won’t be wrong if Hindus seek permission to worship various Deities and recite the stotras every day.
  • Generally, it has been observed all over the country that some Muslims first start praying in public places and gradually take control of the place and build illegal mosques or dargahs later. However, Hindus feel that such permission is not expected in a BJP-ruled State.
  • Realise that the Government system restricts Hindus from celebrating festivals like Shri Ganesh Chaturthi, Kanwar Yatra, Shrikrushna Janmashtami, Dusra, Diwali, etc., but permits Muslims to offer Namaz in public places.

Gurugram (Harayana) – A controversy arose recently in Gurugram when Hindus opposed the offering of Namaz in public places. According to the Police, a compromise was reached between Hindus and Muslims, and they were allowed to offer prayers. Gurugram Police tweeting about it said that with the mutual consent of Hindus and Muslims, they were allowed to offer Namaz at certain public places. It is our responsibility to maintain communal harmony and peace said the Police. (In a Hindu-majority country, it is always the Hindus who have to compromise to make the tensed atmosphere, caused by the activities of the minorities, cordial and peaceful – Editor)

The Police tweet has been criticised on social media. People on social media are questioning that how can the Police justify praying in public places when there is opposition from the people ? Some are also asking whether it is not possible to offer prayers in a mosque. Is it fair to encroach a public place by mutual consent ? If the Administration permits it, then reciting Hanuman Chalisa and offering Puja will also follow. In Islamic countries, the practice of praying in public places is considered inappropriate. It is also being questioned that did the Hindus who compromised on this discuss it with other Hindus ? Many more such questions are posed.