Appoint Hindu priest in Datta Pitha shrine immediately and declare it as a ‘Hindu area’ : Mohan Gowda, HJS

Bengaluru – The then Congress Government in Karnataka had appointed Maulavi Sayyed Gaus Mohiddin as the priest at Datta Pitha in 2018 to minimise the Hindu religious rights. Karnataka High Court quashed the State Government’s order and has ordered the present BJP Government to appoint a Hindu priest there. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) welcomes this order.

Congress Government’s conspiracy to assign Datta Pitha to Muslims has been foiled. Since the High Court, in its order, has mentioned that ‘Datta Pitha’ is not the property of ‘Waqf Board’, but it is the property of the Hindu’s Department of Charity, hence, HJS has made a demand that Datta Pitha be declared as ‘Hindu area’ and a Hindu priest be appointed to manage the Hindu traditional ritualistic worship, thrice a day.