Emphasis on appeasement of Muslims in the Congress resolution

Congress is on the verge of becoming the Muslim League !

Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election 2022

In addition to withdrawing anti-riot cases, modernisation of madarasas, recruitment of Muslims in the Police department, and promise to legislate against ‘mob lynching’ !

Editorial Comments

  • What else can you expect from Congress, which feels satisfied in appeasing Muslims for generations since India’s Independence ? Realise that due to this policy of appeasement, Hindus got secondary treatment in the Hindu majority country !
  • Today, Congress is taking its last breath because of its anti-Hindu policy. In the form of Uttar Pradesh elections, there is a good opportunity for Hindus to put an end to the remaining political power of the Congress. Devout Hindus all over India feel that Hindus should forget caste, sect, etc., and show the strength of a comprehensive Hindu unity !

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) – The Congress, which has been away from power in Uttar Pradesh for three decades, is trying to seize power based on the Muslim vote bank. For this, the Congress party has announced a 16-point resolution (manifesto) which mainly includes withdrawing all cases of religious fanatics accused of rioting to oppose the National Population Registration Act. It also includes assurances to withdraw cases filed against cow-slaughterers; modernise madarasas, pay madarasa teachers, and recruit Muslims in the Police department.

Apart from this, scholarships to every Muslim student, the investigation into the embezzlement of Waqf Board property in the last 30 years and punishment to the culprits, the opening of Unani Medical College in each Mandal, etc. have been promised.  The Unani medical treatment is an Arabic-Iranian method used mainly in Muslim countries.

With the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections to be held in the year 2022 in mind, the Congress party has started full-fledged appeasement of Muslims. It has announced a resolution for this. The aim is to deliver this resolution to every Muslim’s home.

In Uttar Pradesh, 20% of voters are Muslims. Its impact is seen in 143 constituencies. Muslims dominate in 36 constituencies. With this in mind, Congress has appointed Imran Masood as the National Secretary of the All India Congress Committee.

Copies of the resolution will be distributed outside the mosques every Friday after Namaz. This, responsibility has been given to the minority front workers.

The Congress has started holding meetings of Maulanas (Islamic scholar) and Ulemas (Islamic theologian). The resolution has been announced based on their suggestions. Talking about the appeasement of Congress, the BJP said that Congress, which has been shedding tears for the terrorist and opposing the Ram Mandir, is always playing politics of appeasement.