Bangladeshi intruders encroach on 6,652 sq. km. of land in Assam

Editorial Comments

  • What was the Police, the Administration and the Government doing when there was such a massive encroachment in a State ? Strict action must be taken against all those responsible for increasing this encroachment.
  • The encroachment by Bangladeshi intruders in Assam is a national problem and the Central Government needs to address it.

New Delhi – Bangladeshi intruders have encroached on 6,652 sq km of land in Assam. This area is about twice the size of Goa. Thousands of religious fanatical protesters attacked anti-encroachment squads and the Police in Dhaulpur in the Darang District. Two assailants were killed and 11 Policemen were injured in the attack. This information has come to light after the investigation of this case.

Intruders have openly encroached on the lands of ancient temples. They have encroached on the lands of Vaishnava monasteries the most.

BJP came to power in Assam in 2014. At that time, a campaign was launched to evict the encroachers on the land of Kaziranga National Park. The intruders had also encroached on large tracts of land related to the 15th-16th century scholar Shrimant Shankardev.

Most of the encroachers are Bangladeshi intruders, who speak Bengali. In 2017, a report by a government group found that some people were trying to seize land day and night. Tribals who oppose them have to deal with armed intruders. In this way, Bangladeshi intruders have taken over the land and built many villages.

According to RTI, 4 lakh hectares of forest area in Assam has been encroached upon by Bangladeshi religious fanatics. This is 22% of the total forest area of ​​the State. A Government committee has found that Bangladeshi intruders are predominant in 15 of Assam’s 33 Districts.

Assam Government demands complete ban on PFI

Editorial Comment

Why does such a demand have to be made ? PFI is a jihadi organisation that is dangerous for the nation, hence, it should be banned, and its leaders should be imprisoned.

The Assam Government has sent important documents related to the violence in Dholpur to the Centre, demanding a complete ban on the jihadi outfit Popular Front of India (PFI). PFI jihadists have collected