If India is not declared a Hindu Rashtra till 1st October, I will take Jal Samadhi on 2nd October : Warns Ayodhya Mahant Paramahans Das

Editorial comment

Every Hindu should realise that not by taking Jal Samadhi, but only by actively struggling, Hindu Rashtra can be established.

Ayodhya – Grand Parliament of Religions (Dharmasansad) is going to be organised on 1st October. In that, India will be declared a Hindu Rashtra, but if no decision is taken by the Central Government, then I will take Jal Samadhi in the river Sarayu on 2nd October, Mahant Paramahans Das has warned. He gave this warning in the Sanatan Dahrmaparishad in Ayodhya.

Mahant Paramhans Das said that observing the religion-based slogans given in Kashmir if India is not declared Hindu Rashtra, then Hindus will become a minority. To avoid this, India must be declared a Hindu Rashtra.

Some months ago, Mahant Paramhans Das had warned of self-immolation by sending a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Central Home Minister Amit Shah. He had even made preparations for that, but at the last moment, Police intervened and controlled the situation.