Pakistan looks after terrorists, calls Bin Laden a martyr

India reprimands Pakistan PM Imran Khan in the General Body Meeting of the United Nations !

India demands returning illegally grabbed Pak-occupied Kashmir (PoK)

Editorial comment

Pakistan will not give PoK to India by just making such a demand. India has to use military force to get PoK back.

New Delhi – The members of the United Nations are aware of the history of Pakistan and that it has always encouraged and helped terrorists. It may be mentioned here that it is also included in Pakistan’s policies. Pakistan has always used the platform of the United Nations to tell lies against India and tried to divert the world’s attention. It is not the first time that Pakistan is doing such a thing. Terrorists move freely in Pakistan. It had given shelter to even Osama Bin Laden. Pakistan refers to Osama Bin Laden as a martyr.

There are no restraints over terrorists in Pakistan but the condition of citizens especially the minorities is very precarious. India reprimanded Pakistan at a UN meeting. Sneha Dubey, the Indian Secretary in the United Nations was responding to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan’s earlier statement that peace in South Asia depended upon the permanent solution to the Jammu-Kashmir dispute. Dubey also firmly told Pakistan to immediately vacate an illegally occupied part of Kashmir. India’s stand is being commended on social media.

While addressing the General Body Meeting of the United Nations, Imran Khan also made a few serious allegations against India. He said that after the 9/11 attack on America; the rightists’ factions have started attacking the Muslims. (If it was happening, Imran Khan needs to think why are such attacks happening ! – Editor) Its biggest effect was felt in India. In India, RSS and BJP are targeting Muslims.

(When is Imran Khan going to tell the world who is involved in the Hindus’ genocide in Pakistan for the last 74 years ? Why are Hindus and their temples attacked when Hindus have never attacked Muslims in Pakistan ? Why are Hindu girls being kidnapped, converted, and forcibly married ? When is Imran Khan going to talk about all these things ? – Editor) There is discrimination against Muslims. India has forcibly kept Kashmir under its control. (Pakistan’s Prime Minister’s talk is like a thief who is talking impudently with the Police. – Editor)