Priest arrested for stealing Rs 86 lakhs from a Church in Rome for a gay-sex party

Editorial Comment

Such news is deliberately suppressed by the Indian media because this is not the image of priests in their minds and they do not want to create that in minds of Indians.

Rome (Italy) – Francesco Spagnesi, a 40-year-old priest from Rome, has been arrested on charges of stealing Rs 86 lakhs from a church. With the stolen money, the priest organised a ‘sex party’ for homosexuals in his own home. He also bought drugs for the party. The news was published by the English daily ‘Daily Mail’. This priest is working at the Preto Church here. Police are investigating the matter further.

While investigating the drug case, the Police came to know about the priest and thus this incident came to light. His colleague, who lived with the priest, was involved in drug dealing. His information was also received by the Police. The co-worker had ordered a drug called ‘GHB’ from the Netherlands. During the Police interrogation, it came out that the drugs reached the colleague and then the priest. Police also found GHB drugs in the priest’s home.