The procreation rate of Muslims is higher compared to non-Muslims in India : PEW research report

Muslims’ procreation rate is 2.6 while Hindus’ is 2.1!

Editorial comment

Some people had said that even if the Muslim population increases, they will never become a majority in India. Will they say something about the above research report ? Wherever Muslims are in majority in any country, such country never remains secular and it is declared as an Islamic country. Will the secularists and progressive factions realise that if the Muslim population rises in India, India will not remain a secular country ?

Washington (US) – The procreation rate of Indian Muslims is higher than non-Muslims. In 1992, the procreation rate of Muslims was 4.4 per every Muslim woman while in 2015, it has become 2.6. Even then, the present rate is higher compared to the birth rate of other bigger religious communities. The birth rate in every religious community has also come down. This has been stated in the research report published by ‘PEW Research’ of America. The report has been published on 21st September 2021.

As per this report,

1. The difference in Muslims’ and Hindus’ birth rates has also reduced. It is 2.1 in Hindus while it is 2.6 in Muslims.

2. The birth rate is the least i.e. 1.2 amongst Jains.

Muslim population increases by 5 %!

In 1947, when India got freedom, the population of Hindus was 85%. In the census of 2011, it was found that the population has become 79.8% i.e. reduced by 5%. From 1951 to 2011, the population of Muslims has increased by 5%. It was 3.50 crores at that time and it became 17 crores 20 lakhs in 2011. During the decade of 2001 to 2011, the Muslim population has become 13.4%. In 2021, it has increased even more and the statistics will be known after the census.