On the lines of the ‘Halal’ certificate, the global certificate ‘Sattvik’ for vegetarianism will be available !

Certificates guarantee vegetarian food safety and regulatory compliance!

4 types of certificates like ‘Sattvik Sattvam’, ‘Sattvik Vegetarian’, ‘Sattvik Vegan’ and ‘Sattvik Jain’

Commendable effort – Editor

New Delhi – The world’s first vegetarian food safety and regulatory compliance facility was recently launched in Delhi. The facility has been launched by the Sattvik Council of India and the Bureau Veritas Foundation, a global partner in the certification system. The scheme has been started on the lines of the ‘Halal’ certificate. It is a kind of world-class certificate for vegetarians all over the world. Under this scheme, 4 types of certificates like ‘Sattvik Sattvam’, ‘Sattvik Vegetarian’, ‘Sattvik Vegan’ and ‘Sattvik Jain’ will be given. ‘Vegan’ means those who do not consume animals or food derived from them.

The main objective of the scheme, set up by the Sattvik Council of India, is to provide a vegetarian environment for vegetarian consumers in India and to establish standard practices in areas with a 100% guaranteed vegetarian potential in the global market.

Abhishek Biswas, the founder of the Sattvik Council of India, said, “The purpose of our certification is to improve the quality of vegetarian food for consumers and the overall performance of the food safety management system. We do not promote vegetarianism. People are reaching out to us. We now operate in 170 countries.

What is a ‘halal’ certificate?

According to Islam, ‘halal’ means valid ! Previously the ‘halal’ certificate was limited to meat only, but now that religious fanatics want to build their independent economy, many things like housing, medicine, cosmetics, etc. are given ‘halal’ certificates. In short, it is a certificate to the effect that ‘a certain facility or thing is certified according to Islam’. Globally, various international lobbying groups of religious fanatics are pressuring establishments to get these certificates. Large establishments are also falling victim to this as pressure is being exerted on Muslim consumers to say that halal is mandatory. Some Islamic organisations are working for this conspiracy. The certificate they have approved is called a ‘halal’ certificate. This is a plot hatched by fanatics through a ‘halal’ certificate to build a parallel Islamic economy in the country and undermine the prevailing economy.