I am aware of many wrongdoings of Captain Amarinder Singh, but I will not disclose it : Ex-DGP, Punjab Police

Editorial comment

  • If Captain Amarinder Singh has indulged in unworthy deeds and Mustafa is not exposing him, then action should be taken against Mustafa and all the facts should be extracted from him. If Captain Singh in his tenure as the CM has done anything harmful in the State and the country’s context and Mustafa has deliberately suppressed it, then action should be taken against them.

Jalandhar (Punjab) – Mohammad Mustafa, former DGP of Punjab Police and Advisor to Congress State President Navjot Singh Sidhu tweeted pointing to former Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh that he has a long list of unworthy deeds done by Singh, but he has not yet told Rahul Gandhi about it as promised. After his resignation, Captain Singh criticised Sidhu and said that Sidhu has a friendship with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan and Army Chief Bajwa. If he is made the Chief Minister, it could be fatal to India’s security, he alleged. Retorting to Singh’s statement Mustafa had tweeted the above

Mohammad Mustafa attacked Captain Singh and accused him of living with a woman ISI agent for 14 years. (If Amarinder Singh had ties with Pakistan for 14 years and Mustafa being aware of it did not take any action, then both of them should be charged with treason – Editor). He had interfered in the functioning of the Punjab Government many times. ‘Don’t open my mouth’, such a threat was also given by Mustafa. (Former Police officer who has suppressed improper actions and is now threatening; should be imprisoned. – Editor)