Pakistan : Religious fanatics beat up a Hindu family for fetching water from a Mosque

Editorial comment

  • When would the Indian Government take initiative for the protection of insecure Hindus from Pakistan ?

Islamabad (Pakistan) – A Hindu family went to fetch water from a Mosque in Rahimyar Khan city of Punjab province was beaten up by religious fanatics. They claimed that the family violated the sanctity of the Mosque. Ram Bheel and his family were working on a farm close to the Mosque. They went to fetch water from a tap inside the Mosque premises. The Police did not register a case, as the attackers were related to a local parliamentarian of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party.

(PTI party announced the restoration of vandalised Hindu temples just to show the international community that they are doing something for Hindus. But it is clear from this incident that this political party is anti-Hindu. Therefore, it is hilarious to say that Pakistan Government is doing something for Hindus. – Editor)

Protesting the Police apathy, the Bheel community held an agitation outside the Police station.