Tamil is the language of Gods, should be also used for the worship of Deities : Madras High Court

Chennai – Tamil is the ancient language of the world. It is also a Divine language. The Tamil language was born from the ‘Damru’ of Deity Shiva. According to legend, Shiva presided over the First Academy (First Tamil Sangam). Shiva also played the game, Thiruvilayadal, to test the knowledge of the Tamil poet. It means that the Tamil language is associated with the Gods. The Madras High Court, while hearing a petition, clarified that such Divine language should be used for worshipping Deities.

The Court further stated,

Different beliefs existed in various countries and religions, and places of worship varied according to culture and religion. In those places, only the local language was used for prayers. However, it is believed that Sanskrut alone is Gods language and no other language is equivalent to it. Sanskrut is an ancient language with enormous ancient literature and a belief is prevalent that only if the Sanskrut Vedas are recited, the Gods will listen to the prayers of the devotees

Every language spoken by ordinary people is a Divine language. Man cannot create language. Languages ​​have coexisted for ages. Language is passed down from one generation to another. The existing language can only be modified. Language cannot be created.