Devout Hindus want to create discrimination in society and establish Hindu Rashtra! : Dr Deepa Sundaram, Denver University, US

‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’ Conference – 3rd day of the anti-Hindu international online conference

Editorial comments

  • Realise that once Hindu Rashtra is established, the shops of Hindu-hatred run by people like Dr Deepa Sundaram will have to be closed down; therefore, she is afraid of Hindu Rashtra.
  • Hindus are the majority population in India; therefore, social harmony still exists. Had Hindus become aggressive, the minorities would have had to run away from this country. Realise that such truth is not acceptable to an intellectual terrorist like Dr Sundaram due to her Hindu hatred !

Mumbai – Devout Hindus feel that the secularists are responsible for riots staged against Hindus, rapes of Hindu women, Hindus’ killings, etc. They feel that the word ‘secular’ added by the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in the Constitution can be changed. (The late PM Indira Gandhi had added the word ‘Secular’ in the Constitution which was illegal. Anti-Hindus should say something about it ! – Editor) They feel that Islamic ideology is attacking Hindu philosophy and women. (Is it not so? – Editor). They are using the concept of secularism in creating a rift between society and by creating such rift, they want to establish Hindu Rashtra, stated Dr Sundaram, an assistant professor teaching at Denver University in the USA. (Such professors must be certainly teaching anti-Hindu philosophy to the students. It shows that these universities are responsible for spreading Hindu hatred in the US ! – Editor)

‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’ was an online conference organised from 10th to 12th September 2021 and she addressed the first session of the third day. She also said that the Modi Government and its concept of ‘Hindutva’ are attacking the diversity existing in India.

The anti-Hindu reporter has problems because BJP is effectively using Information and Technology !

BJP has systematically invested in the field of Information and Technology. The BJP Government has sidelined mass media and has created its ‘Namo App’. BJP has very effectively used the media IT Cell. (Realise that it is the double-standard of the secularists who always advise Hindus on freedom of expression. Why do they object if a pro-Hindu Party makes use of Information and Technology to propagate its ideology in the present modern times ? It is an example of the level to which the Hindu-haters can stoop to for opposing Hindutva. – Editor) BJP has prepared Facebook groups to propagate the ‘Hindutva’ ideology. There is a contract between Facebook, RSS, and the Government. (Many jihadi terrorist organisations also have Facebook accounts. Will Cyril Sam talk about them ? – Editor) Anti-Hindu Indian reporter Cyril Sam said that thoughts promoting violence are spread through this medium.